The Collective

It takes many talents, perspectives and moxie - to create change. When we don't have the lived experience, we partner with organizations and community members who do.

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We regularly have conversations with new organizations, potential collective members and community partners. You can book a time to talk with us that works with your schedule.

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The Moxie Manifesto

We believe…

Participation. There are many types of knowledge. Participation draws on everyone’s knowledge.

Research informs action and decisions.

Co-create. Design with not for people.

Test. Get Feedback early and often. No idea is too precious to share early.

Complexity. No single question or solution.

Perspective. Good ideas can come from any department & person. Lived Experience matters.

Resilience. It takes persistence and a little moxie to move ideas.

Scale. Think big & small.

1% for Justice 

With each Moxie collaboration we donate 1% of the project fee to social justice organizations focused on systemic as well as programmatic change. 

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We can send you more information on a particular course or have a call to discuss what you might need at your organization.