Social Change & Our Identities

How do our identities influence how we approach social change?

"Coffee is the atmosphere of knowledge—this atmosphere exists in each cup of coffee."

Félix from Radical Epistemology as Caffeine for Social Change
by Alfredo Ortiz Aragón and Juan Carlos Giles Macedo.

In this session we consider in small groups: how we can value different forms of knowledge, data, truths and reconsider whose realities count. Participants will explore how relational exercises can be used to connect, move past professional personas and reduce hierarchies with our colleagues and communities.


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  • Alfredo is an advisor to Moxie, action-researcher, author and designer/facilitator of organizational change processes, working in international and local development contexts for the last 18 years. Alfredo is co-author of Action Research published by Sage. He is an associate Professor in the PhD Program in the Dreeben School of Education at University of the Incarnate Word and part-time faculty at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), focusing on Nonprofit Management and Social Change.

  • Started Ideas with Moxie to further ideas that matter to communities and non-profits using service design and action research methods. Catherine works with teams to understand what matters to their participants through research, co-design and facilitation. Prior, Catherine co-led and scaled an award-winning design thinking & entrepreneurship program for Middlebury College and worked on the startup and investment side of entrepreneurship.