Hopes & Fears

Reflect and connect on your team’s project expectations.

This article was originally featured in MURAL.

Whether your team has just submitted an important grant application, is evaluating the impact of your work over the past year or looking forward to the new year, this template is helpful for social impact organizations who want to reflect and connect on the team’s expectations.

This tool is accessible and an easy way to get started in Mural. A team member, project lead, manager or facilitator can use this to better understand a team and to collectively set and manage expectations.

Hopes and Fears offers a transparent and inclusive way to uncover a team’s or individual's project needs and sentiments. It can be used to reflect or look back on a project or period of time or to look ahead and understand a team’s point of view about the future.

Start by looking back on a past project or time period and evaluating what hopes and fears you had going into the project vs. the reality that ensued. Use your reflections  to then move forward into discussing future hopes and fears for a new project or time period.