Researching & Developing Capacities in Service Design at Cardinal Health

To what extent is service design practiced at Cardinal Health & how can we further develop that ability?


The leaders at Cardinal Health's innovation department, Fuse, wanted to develop a Service Design capacity at the organization. First they wanted to understand to what extent team members were already practicing Service Design. They asked the Moxie team to research the experience of their team and co-design a Service Design learning experience and resources.

The team focused on the overarching question:
To what extent is service design practiced at Cardinal Health & how can we further develop that ability?

“Cardinal Health’s commitment to embrace great customer experience needed just this kind of cross-functional mindset shift. We’re beginning to create catalysts in the larger organization to reconsider the end-to-end experience for our customers and users. Getting good at service design means rethinking how we approach solving problems and how we collaborate to do that. Catherine and team gave us the tools to reconsider, rethink, redesign end-to-end experiences in the healthcare space, within a very large enterprise. That’s not easy.”

Marty Vian
Head of Design
Commercial Technologies, Fuse @ Cardinal Health


  • Phase 1: Moxie interviewed members of Cardinal Health’s existing design team.
  • Phase 2: Moxie and a team of Cardinal Health designers mapped existing service design abilities and co-created of a Service Design playbook. 
  • Phase 3: the team translated essential methods from the playbook into an Essentials of Service Design Course. Cardinal designers were trained as facilitators in the Essentials of Service Design.
  • Phase 4: Cardinal Health service designers trained a broader group of colleagues at Cardinal Health in Service Design approaches.


  • Emerging Practitioners: 21 Designers trained in Essentials of Service Design
  • Courses: 1 Pilot of the Essentials of Service Design Curriculum
  • Capabilities: 19 Cardinal Health team members trained in Essentials of SD
  • Capabilities: 9 Facilitators of Service Design at Cardinal Health
  • Toolkit: 1 Playbook with methodologies and methods on Service Design
Cardinal Health
Education, Research, Prototyping
Molly Fuller, Alfredo Ortiz Aragon, Coumba Myerson, Holly May Mahoney & Catherine Collins