Understanding the experience of people seeking a job

Talent Without Borders (TWB), based in Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden, connects employers with individuals seeking asylum.


After two years of running the program, TWB wanted to pause and reflect on the current state of the program. Through a design sprint, we mapped the current state of the participants' experience in TWB and prototyped future concepts.

Alumni of the program, organizers & stakeholders from local companies and the Swedish employment agency came together for this collaboration.


  • Interviews with leaders of the program
  • Co-creative workshop with alumni of the program, potential employers, program staff and members of the Swedish hiring department to create the current state.
  • Prototyping Workshop of a few concepts from the current state analysis (desktop walkthrough, investigative rehearsal, and low-fidelity wireframes with Marvel).


Partners Aligned: TWB stakeholders came together to reflect, understand and improve the program and take decisions based on a combination of lived experience and data.  

Integrated and tested concepts: 3 prototypes were tested in the subsequent session of the program and later piloted.

Working with Moxie meant that we were able to bring together a large group of stakeholders who were connected to refugee resettlement initiatives in Sweden in a way that created space for everyone's voice and ideas. We were able to understand based on the experience of our alumni's and business partners the current challenges to our program and then design new ideas to test in future programs.

Redha Cherif
Founder, Talent without Borders

Talent Without Borders
Migration and Technology
Research, Prototyping, Journey Mapping, Ecosystem Mapping