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We work with nonprofits, enterprises, governments and communities seeking to create meaningful change. Collaborations work best when those organizations are keen to learn more about service design and participatory methods and have the capacity to test and implement change.

Previous collaborations range from understanding the experience employees at U.S. Bank Stadium had with homelessness, to re-imaging benefits with early childhood educators in Vermont, to improving job placement programs with recently arrived migrants in Sweden.

Broadly speaking, we can work with teams to understand the experiences of the people they serve and then develop new services and programs to test in low-risk settings. Other projects may require us to align multiple stakeholders around a challenge to enable collective effort and impact. In each case, we're collaborating with members of your team and people who've experienced the challenge at hand to inform our decisions.

A typical Moxie project is 2-6 months. Smaller projects can happen in a month and larger projects can span a year. Based on our conversations about what your organization hopes to accomplish we put together a proposal based on the number of hours multiplied by the hourly rate. These proposals help us continue the conversation with you and we are happy to adjust until the scope and budget feel reasonable for all parties.

We are happy to help your team try to find the funding to collaborate. For example we create pitch presentations, join for meetings with funders and can co-write grant proposals with you.


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