Active Listening

This workshop takes you out of your head and into the conversation

Active listening is fundamental to communication. Without it, our conversations, meetings and collaboration can fall apart. In this workshop we discover how you can better focus, understand, feel understood and organically respond in conversation.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for teams & leaders who:

  • Want to create space for all voices in their teams
  • Want to improve their relationships with customers
  • Find it challenging to listen, are easily distracted or notice their colleagues/friends/teammates' ideas go "in one ear and out the other."
  • Notice only a few people speaking up in meetings or that there are many conversations at once
  • Struggle with connected and efficient communication
  • Are looking for ways to focus the conversation, address challenges and generate ideas.
  • Want to listen in a way that makes others feel heard

What do I walk away with?

  • More grounded-ness and presence during conversations
  • Tools to increase understanding at the individual or team level
  • Ways to facilitate an open, focused and creative communication style amongst teams
  • Practices for a conversation environment which is inclusive of all voices
  • Clarity and consciousness in listening and responding
  • Proficiency using tools like MURAL for collaboration and ideation

What is the course format?

First and foremost we believe in learning by doing. We structure the course so that you're doing the talking and engaging. At times you'll work on your own, in pairs or as a part of a small group. We'll use MURAL boards to facilitate certain exercises and illustrate ideas. No prior use of MURAL is required.


We want to make our services accessible to non-profit organizations - see the pricing variations below depending on your budget. If something doesn’t fit within your budget, reach out below as we offer scholarships.

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  • Alex is a practitioner of communication and the mind-body connection. With her experience as an actress and her work as a coach she brings several approaches to team connection, movement & theater workshops. Alex is passionate about discovering the dynamics in each situation, that connect individuals/teams/groups.

  • Started Ideas with Moxie to further ideas that matter to communities and non-profits using service design and action research methods. Catherine works with teams to understand what matters to their participants through research, co-design and facilitation. Prior, Catherine co-led and scaled an award-winning design thinking & entrepreneurship program for Middlebury College and worked on the startup and investment side of entrepreneurship.