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At school we learn to read and write, but rarely do we work on how we listen.

74% of employees are more effective at their job when they feel heard. Yet, 86% of employees feel unheard (The Work Institute).

Active listening is proven to be key to workplace wellbeing, reduced burnouts and turnover, levels of prejudice, respect for all voices, problem-solving, conflict management, increased productivity and greater profit.

So we’ve created programs and tools to practice the ways we can shift the focus from what we say to how we listen.


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Listening Assessment

Listening assessments help create an understanding of tendencies for each team member. Try out the introductory assessment and see what type of listening style you gravitate toward. Some teams may need a tailored assessment, see potential topics below.

Potential topics for a tailored listening assessment:

  • How do we listen to our employees needs?
  • How do we listen to each other?
  • How does that show up in meetings? workshops?
  • What is the listening culture of our team? of our organization?
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"The active listening workshop really helped me and my colleagues to learn communication from a new point of view. It raised our own self-awareness of how we are actually listening and communicating among each other. The techniques were very helpful to bring our communication to a new level!"

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Training & Education

Our courses range from public courses with people from multiple organizations to customized programs to fit your team's specific challenges. We train teams in person, hybrid or remote.

Topics we may explore:

  • Being grounded and present during conversations
  • How bias impacts our listening style
  • How to stay focused in conversation
  • Listening to understand instead of listening to respond
  • Ways to facilitate an open, focused and inclusive listening style amongst teams
  • Ways to create a conversation environment hears all voices
  • Clarity and consciousness in listening and responding
  • What "holding space" means and how it can be applied in the workplace
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Coaching helps an organization create, over time, a listening culture that sees and hears all voices. Changing the way your organization listens takes intention, practice and is specific to each organization. Coaching programs are tailored to support the environment and culture you are working toward.

This could look like:

  • Self and group reflection
  • Coaching for team leaders
  • Bringing awareness to communication patterns
  • Discovering group communication culture goals
  • Restructuring conversations to include all voices
  • Tools for every type of conversation
  • Mini workshops
  • One on one sessions
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The more one feels they have a voice, a voice that matters, the more they use their voice. The best way to help someone feel their voice matters is to listen to them.


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